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SRC Logistics, Inc. is the premier provider of third party logistics services in Southwest Missouri. Our service offering includes public warehousing, contract warehousing, fulfillment services, distribution, reverse logistics, and custom software services to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in a variety of industries.

As a subsidiary of Springfield Remanufacturing Corporation, SRC Logistics is an employee-owned company. Through the financial training that is given to all employees, our staff truly understands how quality and continuous improvements can contribute to our customer’s bottom line. Our successful history has come from the focus that SRC Logistics places on customer satisfaction and the development of long-term and equally beneficial relationships with our customers.

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.5 day - 1 day
1 day - 1.5 days
1.5 days - 2 days
2 days - 2.5 days
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Our warehouse is an average of 849 miles away from the U.S. population.
That is, if shipments were made to every U.S. resident, the average distance of these shipments would be 849 miles.
Therefore, if our shipments traveled at a rate of 400 miles per day, the average transit lead-time would be 2.12 days.
Best Possible lead time is 1.99 days.